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Belknap Afternoon

Posted by julie on Monday, 10 January 2011, 8:41

Mommy got us chocolate. See?

Because if I stayed home with my two children all Sunday I would have been reminded of how much I needed to vacuum (and scrub, tidy, and put away), I packed up Mr. S and Miss E and drove an hour and a half to find snow. We found enough snow still falling from the sky that we came back DOWN the mountain a bit because getting stuck in the snow when it’s just me, two pre-schoolers, and a plastic shovel didn’t sound like something I was up for today. Not only did we find snow, but we found a Japanese Garden, bubbling hot springs, carved wooden bears and bald eagles, Christmas decorations (I’m not the only one with my tree still up. It’s not losing any needles; how can I kick it to the curb?), a superbly warm pool, and at least one ant. Yes, we had to pay to use the Belknap Hot Springs pool, but, at $7 an hour per person, my wallet is only $21.75 lighter after today’s trip. $.75 for chocolate seemed like money well spent, even after my son told me that 3 Musketeers bars taste like metal.

It was snowing enough that we caught snowflakes on our tongues. But Chris realized that it was 60 degrees colder when he and I went to the outdoor hot springs in Banff: -25 F!