Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Posted by julie on Sunday, 13 December 2009, 16:04

Sylvan, Elena, and I walked into the church hall, set with sixteen or so round tables decorated with freshly-cut, wreath-shaped centerpieces (all for sale). In the kitchen to our left, teenagers, moms and dads, and grandparents bustled past each other, many wearing red or green elf hats. They flipped pancakes, made coffee, and smiled at us. We bought three raffle tickets for a chance to win one of two kids’ bikes, decorated with bows and sitting on a side table. The CD player on the same table played Christmas carols that sometimes skipped and repeated: “Frosty the Snowman…[hic]…Frosty the Snowman…[hic]….” And there was a bake sale, all the sweet breads carefully wrapped and displayed; a cookie decorating table; a balloon artist (Sylvan got a sword and scabbard); and wing and tutu maker (we came home with a beautiful set, in purple and orange harvest colors with glittery ribbon and silk flowers; Elena wore the tutu for a second, Sylvan wore the wings all afternoon).

With a fair bit of prepping the night before and morning of, Sylvan knew what to expect: Santa, sitting in a chair, Mrs. Claus by his side, pancakes and eggs for breakfast. We told Sylvan he could sit on Santa’s knee and talk to him, but only if he wanted. And he could ask him questions, or tell him something. Sylvan decided he wanted to show Santa some books, so he put them in a bag and carried them with him to see Santa.

Santa and Mrs. Claus were gloriously free when we arrived. The place was never packed, despite the large number of cars in the church parking lot, so families wandered up to the Clauses, took photos, had breakfast, maybe meandered back to tell Santa one more thing. In short, it was the best Santa experience you can imagine, everyone relaxed and happy, not standing in an hour-long line in the fluorescent lights of the mall, hoping nobody has to pee before you get to the front of the line and have to pay someone else to take a photo when you have your digital camera in your pocket. We’ll be visiting the Clauses at the Lions Club breakfast next December, too.

Everyone smiling? How is that possible?

Everyone smiling? How is that possible?

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  1. gramma mia says:

    awesome picture!

  2. [...] (who is cute as a button, I might add; she thought the same of Elena). Please not the similarity to last year’s Claus photo (looks like I’ve become a better barber). Breakfast with the Clauses, 2010 I am smiling. [...]

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