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Last Road Marathon!

Posted by julie on Monday, 30 April 2012, 23:00

Okay, don’t quote me on that, but I’ve reached my goal of a sub-four hour marathon: 3:58:46 at yesterday’s Eugene Marathon (if you click on that link and enter my name in the search box, then scroll onto and click my name, you’ll find video of me finishing [with my name being announced] and a link to my average cumulative pace throughout the race).

I still felt GREAT at mile 17, regardless of the fact that when I run I look like a windmill (I notice my crazy legs in photos). I ran among my handful of fastest legs in the next mile because of the woman in the bikini behind me. She and her running partner passed me, and I convinced myself that I'd look like that if I ran that fast. It worked for two miles (keeping the pace, not looking like that).

My peanut gallery

I realized the night before the race that I must be getting older because I filled in the emergency information on the back of my race number.

Really, was I possessed by a marionette, or what? Mile 8.

I'm sorry, but there will be no performing for the camera anymore, not at mile 24. From a range of 8:46-9:09 previously, miles 22-25 then crept up to a max of 9:57, at which point I was perilously close to not running under 4 hours. I perked up a bit for mile 26, which I ran in 9:35 (while I said, out loud, more than once, "Push!").

At the end, after weaving a bit upon finishing, I quickly downed two ice-cold chocolate milks and lay on the turf, flat-out, for twenty minutes. Ahhh. Then a full can of Pepsi on the S-L-O-W walk home.

My favorite sign held by a cheering spectator, “I’m proud of you, Complete Stranger.” Runner-up: “Very creative cheering marathon sign.”

The Eugene Marathon is a great marathon to run: flat; lovely; great spots for spectators to cheer; nice T-shirts; plenty of volunteers, food, and water (at least for the four-hour pace). Highly recommended, if you’re looking for your next.

Just Don’t Call Me a Soccer Mom

Posted by julie on Friday, 27 April 2012, 23:19

If I ride my Xtracycle, with Burley trailer attached, to the soccer game—instead of, heaven forbid, my nonexistent mini-van—am I still considered a Soccer Mom? (I hate that term nearly as much as I hate Playdate. Ick.)

Sylvan’s first soccer game:

I've got it!

Looks like he just headed it to his teammate, doesn't it?

Scrappy player, Hawaiian board shorts and all.

Sylvan's coach, Bear (who once gave me a job teaching math that I didn't take), suggested that perhaps the grass didn't need as much defending as the red team did.

And did they win? This league doesn’t keep score for the 6-10-year-olds. But the boys knew—or at least they had an exaggerated score of something like 11-2. Who won? It’s more fun learning to dribble.

Three years ago this spring

Posted by julie on Tuesday, 24 April 2012, 23:13

Yes, big brother, I trust you.

Some things never change.

Most Enthusiastic Skier 2012

Posted by julie on Wednesday, 18 April 2012, 23:28

That's right, folks: you're looking at her. I am perhaps prouder of this plaque than maybe I should be, prouder of it than of the academic accolades I've collected over the years. Thank you to a fantastic group of people, people who would make excellent partners on a (nearly) deserted island.

Last Ski Day at Willamette Pass

Posted by julie on Monday, 16 April 2012, 11:26

Much to my dismay, yesterday was the last day of lift-accessed skiing at Willamette Pass this season. The snow is still great; the weather was 55 and sunny yesterday; and Elena, Sylvan, and I shared the place with 50 other folks (okay, perhaps there were more, but we didn’t see more than about 50 – and that’s why they have to shut down while the snow’s still fantastic!). Elena was on her game:

Miss E and ski instructor Tom took a shine to each other. He balanced some snow on her head and taught her how to sidestep. She didn't have a lesson, but we have Tom's card for next December, when she'll be old enough for Ski Camp (lessons) and Mommy will be able to ski again. Yippee!

The walk from the car wore out Mr. S:

Know what's hard? Life. Oops, I meant throwing snowballs at your sister. It's exhausting.

Guess which one is more reliable in a photo booth: