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Happy Little Burrito

Posted by jonesey on Tuesday, 19 August 2008, 14:37

Chris and Elena

Elena at four days old.

Happy Birthday: 35 Months

Posted by julie on Sunday, 17 August 2008, 21:36

Dear Sylvan,

I was preoccupied the other day when I should have written your last letter before your THIRD birthday. Buying primer for the broken house, trying to will the babe out of my then-burgeoning belly, ordering hexagonal tiles, showerheads, a sink, and toilet for our new bathroom, trying desperately and probably futilely to get you to continue napping. No real excuse, because you’re an amazing little person.

Sylvan in Momma’s cowboy hat

When Elena came home with us on Friday, you were a sweet, sweet boy, touching her gently and using quiet words. You brought her your helicopter and frontloader when she cried, thinking she might just need some vehicular happiness. Today was a different story, but, of course, life with a baby is sinking in for you a bit more. I’ll count it as a victory that only two people, neither of whom was Elena, was purposefully kicked or hit in the face by you today.

My favorite Sylvanism from this past month:

“Daddy, can you persuade the street sweeper to come by and clean up our street?”

I don’t think you were particularly concerned with road hygiene; you were just a little low on your vehicle quota.

Sylvan helps Mommy induce labor through yoga

I love you, Sylvan, and I particularly like it when you grab my arm when I’m about to leave your room for the night, just so you can get a few more moments of Mommy love. Tephra has a similar ploy.




Posted by jonesey on Friday, 15 August 2008, 10:57

Elena Katharine Polhemus

Elena Polhemus Aug 15 2008

Born at 12:15 AM on August 15, 2008, after a whopping two hours and fifteen minutes of labor (yikes!).

Everybody is happy and healthy and looking forward to years of sibling revelry.

Sylvan kissing Elena

P.S. The reverse jinx worked.

Since you asked…

Posted by jonesey on Thursday, 14 August 2008, 22:22

No baby yet. The due date was Tuesday, two days ago. Sylvan was born six days after his official due date, well within the normal range.

We had six hours of “practice labor” on Saturday morning. Practice labor looks exactly like the real thing and throws a pint of adrenaline into my bloodstream, but it goes away. All signs point to “baby coming real soon now,” but we don’t know if that means hours or days.

We’re waiting patiently. Julie’s mom and sister are in town. Maria, Jenn, and I all jump for the sky every time the phone rings and Julie is somewhere else. So far, we haven’t gotten The Call. Soon, though.

More news as it happens.

And yes, this is some sort of attempt at a reverse jinx.