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Two for two!

Posted by jonesey on Sunday, 27 February 2011, 22:46

Julie and I won two (two!) awards at Chandra and Eric’s always highly anticipated and enjoyable Oscar party tonight.

I was the male winner of the award for best costume, with my interpretation of listless Oscar co-host James Franco’s interpretation of Aron Ralston, the guy who (spoiler alert!) cut off his arm after being trapped under a rock for a few days. And if you think that’s on the wrong side of tasteful, do I have to remind you of my Steve Irwin Halloween costume, donned just weeks after his unfortunate incident with the ray? Oy!

P.S. Don’t ask what’s in the Nalgene bottle.

Julie just missed with her spot-on Holly Golightly outfit (note Cat and cigarette holder), but she won the prize for most awards guessed correctly (14 out of 24). Cat is holding her trophy.

Aron and Holly

Aron Ralston and Holly Golightly at the Academy Awards, Feb 27, 2011

He just keeps on giving

Posted by jonesey on Wednesday, 11 August 2010, 20:29

What would we do without Tyson in our lives?

No, the *other* Gay.

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