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Valentine Love

Posted by julie on Friday, 17 February 2012, 21:42

A couple of our Valentine’s Day creations:

Heart-shaped pancakes on Gramma Jo's plates.

Elena's and Sylvan's valentines for friends

In retrospect, I would have let Elena do her art thing and then cut it up into little squares or hearts for her classmates. She has art project staying power, unlike my last 3-year-old. The “love bugs” are cute, and she loved them, but they were parental-involvement heavy (I downloaded the printable jars here.).

Sylvan’s valentines were GREAT, though. Sylvan and I were inspired by this post, so we developed some Mad Libs for his friends. They were entitled Super Pig’s Rules for School, for some reason, so he also signed his valentines ‘Super Pig.’ Each was wrapped in origami paper, as we’d seen in that blog post, so I decided that I’d print up some little twirling airplane origami instructions on the back of the Mad Libs. Sylvan was involved, but he didn’t feel overwhelmed by his jobs of developing Mad Libs and writing tags. He still doesn’t enjoy long-lived craft projects, and I never want to lose him and feel like I have to do his valentines without him. Success! We’ll do it again next year.

A Halloweeny Saturday

Posted by julie on Saturday, 29 October 2011, 23:54

At noon, I said, “I should carve the pumpkins, or switch the silverware, or make some soup. But I don’t want to do anything.” Chris had just popped popcorn. I looked at him and said, “Hey, do you wanna watch a movie?” His reply: “I was going to ask you the same thing.” Well, the kids weren’t crazy about Gentleman Prefer Blondes, but that’s okay. Sylvan played a video game, Elena played with play-dough, both watched some musical numbers with Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe that just confused them. But we watched a whole movie. In the middle of the day!

Yay, Alder Bikeway! I wouldn't have attempted to take my new cyclist downtown before this. He impressed one group of football fans, who said they were twice his size before they biked on the road.

Then Sylvan and I headed downtown to see thousands of pumpkins. A few of my favorites:

Sylvan looked at more pumpkins just to humor me. He was patiently awaiting a doughnut.

Then on to the Porter Party! Halloween at the Porters is worth dressing up for: prizes, lots of other great costumes, praise. So, Elena was a princess, Sylvan a member of the Residential Unified Air Force (RUAF) in his shorts and a sweater, and I was finally Holly Golightly for Halloween. Boy, no more false eyelashes for me! What a hassle. For the folks who got my costume, I received high praise.

Sylvan is holding Cat the cat, which I carried all night.

The Mice Will Play

Posted by julie on Sunday, 22 May 2011, 23:09

Chris ran out for some dinner groceries. I was planting a vine maple in the yard. I looked through the dining room window and saw Elena streak by, giggling, with Sylvan in pursuit, marker in hand. Uh-oh.

"Mom, she's a cheetah getting ready for the carnival."

No, it wasn’t a Sharpie.

Neighborhood Fire Hydrants

Posted by julie on Monday, 21 February 2011, 22:36

For those of you who aren’t in Eugene, here’s a link to all of the South University Neighborhood Association’s painted fire hydrants. If you click on a photo, you might get a little more information about the artist.

Fire Hydrant Aliens

Posted by julie on Monday, 26 July 2010, 23:38

I mentioned that Sylvan and I started to paint a fire hydrant a few weeks ago. After a mere 20 hours of painting or so, I’m finally done (well, pretty much…). Here are some pics:

The comet (sculpture) side. Note the small supports holding the comet (sculpture) above the Earth. It's not a real comet, Sylvan will tell you, but a sculpture of a comet that one day came to Earth (I think that's less scary). This is Sylvan's side of Earth at the bottom of the hydrant. The Nile River is the uppermost blue path.

The moon and ringed planet side.

Happy alien wave.

The idea for the hydrant was Sylvan’s. It came from a pair of his pajamas that have UFOs with happy aliens (that look pretty much like the guy above; I hope I haven’t committed some sort of copyright infringement), rockets, and stars on them. Chris fleshed out the idea, saying that the bottom should be Earth and requesting a comet. I just painted.

Note: This project, the painting of the South University Neighborhood Association’s hydrants, was done with permission from the city. I can’t promise you won’t get in trouble if you just decide to paint yours.