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A Halloweeny Saturday

Posted by julie on Saturday, 29 October 2011, 23:54

At noon, I said, “I should carve the pumpkins, or switch the silverware, or make some soup. But I don’t want to do anything.” Chris had just popped popcorn. I looked at him and said, “Hey, do you wanna watch a movie?” His reply: “I was going to ask you the same thing.” Well, the kids weren’t crazy about Gentleman Prefer Blondes, but that’s okay. Sylvan played a video game, Elena played with play-dough, both watched some musical numbers with Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe that just confused them. But we watched a whole movie. In the middle of the day!

Yay, Alder Bikeway! I wouldn't have attempted to take my new cyclist downtown before this. He impressed one group of football fans, who said they were twice his size before they biked on the road.

Then Sylvan and I headed downtown to see thousands of pumpkins. A few of my favorites:

Sylvan looked at more pumpkins just to humor me. He was patiently awaiting a doughnut.

Then on to the Porter Party! Halloween at the Porters is worth dressing up for: prizes, lots of other great costumes, praise. So, Elena was a princess, Sylvan a member of the Residential Unified Air Force (RUAF) in his shorts and a sweater, and I was finally Holly Golightly for Halloween. Boy, no more false eyelashes for me! What a hassle. For the folks who got my costume, I received high praise.

Sylvan is holding Cat the cat, which I carried all night.

Two for two!

Posted by jonesey on Sunday, 27 February 2011, 22:46

Julie and I won two (two!) awards at Chandra and Eric’s always highly anticipated and enjoyable Oscar party tonight.

I was the male winner of the award for best costume, with my interpretation of listless Oscar co-host James Franco’s interpretation of Aron Ralston, the guy who (spoiler alert!) cut off his arm after being trapped under a rock for a few days. And if you think that’s on the wrong side of tasteful, do I have to remind you of my Steve Irwin Halloween costume, donned just weeks after his unfortunate incident with the ray? Oy!

P.S. Don’t ask what’s in the Nalgene bottle.

Julie just missed with her spot-on Holly Golightly outfit (note Cat and cigarette holder), but she won the prize for most awards guessed correctly (14 out of 24). Cat is holding her trophy.

Aron and Holly

Aron Ralston and Holly Golightly at the Academy Awards, Feb 27, 2011

Oscar night

Posted by jonesey on Monday, 8 March 2010, 20:52

Our friends Chandra and Eric host an Oscar party every year. They encourage us to dress up, and they even take red carpet photos. This means I get an excuse to wear my tuxedo at least once a year. Here’s a photo of Steve, Eric, and your humble scribe, looking pretty suave.

I'm well dressed, but I have a little face coming out of the back of my head.

3 Movies in 3 Days

Posted by julie on Sunday, 10 January 2010, 0:28

I saw The Road on Thursday. If you’ve read it, you know what to expect: bleak, gray, pointless road trip. If I hadn’t already read Cormac McCarthy’s book and dealt with my post-apocalyptic emotions, I think I may have had an anxiety attack; I found myself having difficulty catching a breath. The movie was somehow both sadder, because these characters were so real and believable, and more hopeful than the book, due to the magic of movie music and the addition of some slightly uplifting characters at the very end. The unreasonable hope that the father exhibits became clearer to me with the movie. If he weren’t a father, he would have let go long ago.

Last night, Chris and I watched Choke, another movie based on a novel, this one Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke. I haven’t read the book, and, although Palahniuk’s Fight Club was astounding and features a perfect cast, I’d heard nothing at all about Choke. Go see it. Brilliant dialogue, quite bizarre, Sam Rockwell.

I finished up the movie trio with Clueless, a movie I somehow missed when I was 22. Worth seeing, for its Emma references, Alicia Silverstone’s endless wardrobe changes and cute smile, and Paul Rudd. Paul Rudd. Paul Rudd. I do like that man. It probably helps that he always plays such a nice guy.

And the dishes have even been washed. Of course, I haven’t been outside since 2009…